Bo Tkach Foundation to award scholarships

Continuing with the spirit of its mission, the Bo Tkach Under the Helmet and Hat Foundation will once again sponsor three scholarships of $1,000.00 each to a deserving student in each of the Palmerton Area, Northern Lehigh and Northwestern Lehigh school districts in 2012.

The Foundation board has announced Jim Snell, retired Director of Business and Personnel Services in the Southern Lehigh School District and a member of the board of directors of the Bo Tkach Foundation, will oversee the 2012 scholarship program. Snell was a public school administrator for 34 years, almost all of it at Southern Lehigh before retiring last October. He is currently a consultant for the Pa. Department of Education, providing technical assistance to financially distressed school districts

“I am pleased to head this important segment of our annual mission,” Snell said. “Just as Bo was the pride of his community with his academic, athletic endeavors and his community involvement, so too are many of our area high school students. In that light, the Foundation wants to remember Bo by honoring young men and women like him. The scholarship program is one of the many ways in which we can accomplish this particular objective.”

Snell pointed out the scholarship guidelines call for recipients to “be like Bo,” who in addition to his outstanding athletic talent had the proclivity of serving his fellow man. “He (Bo) possessed the compassion of a Good Samaritan, willing to give up the last few dollars in his pocket so a homeless person could catch a ride on the city bus in order to stay warm during a cold blustery winter evening,” Snell related.long the path of life, Bo learned how to inspire others on the field and off. He routinely offered tips to budding high school athletes who saw him as the picture of success. In gym class, Bo would select the most challenged for his team and he would befriend those who were off the beaten path. Those random acts of kindness, coupled with intense competitive spirit, strength and determination, defined Bo to those sharing the world around him.

Snell said recipients of the Bo Tkach Under the Helmet and Hat Scholarship will be selected by faculty members of each of those three school districts. The recipients should be attending a college, university, technical, or vocational institution. The candidate does not need to be athletically or academically talented, but they do need to be extraordinary in other ways. The recipient should be well-rounded, community-minded, and have a sincere concern for others, someone who would defend those who could not defend themselves.

Snell said the scholarships will be the Foundation’s way of “rewarding recipients for helping others when expecting nothing in return.”