Under Every Helmet and Hat is a Child Who Needs Us!

Board of Directors

Jim Tkach
Sandra Tkach
William O’Gurek
Jamie Drake
Jaime Mendes
Ron Kuntz
Manny Guedes
Stan Dakosty

Robbie Mikulski
Fred Lesher Jr.
Frank Hager
Ed Hedes
Mike Follweiler
George Ebbert
Hon. William Kissner

Billy O’Gurek
Tyler Tkach
Samantha Tkach
Tristan Brannan
Nick Brannan
Kerri Jahelka
Chris Jahelka
Jim Snell

Recently we asked our Board of Directors;
Why did I decide to become a member of the Bo Tkach Foundation?  

I got involved with the Bo Tkach Foundation to share my expertise in the human services field and help the Tkach family.  Mr. Tkach was an administrator when I attended Palmerton High School.  He was always supportive myself and siblings, making us feel important.  He continues to inspire me to always do my best, and share my talents with others in need.

Jamie Drake

Carbon-Monroe-Pike Drug & Alcohol Commission

My involvement with the Bo Tkach Foundation came about by knowing Bo and Jim’s family for many years. To be a part of something so good that came from a heart wrenching situation has been turned into a blessing in helping so many young people.

Manny Guedes

Getting people to recognize the fact that mental illness is exactly that,an illness,is one of the reasons i am proud to be a member of the Bo Tkach Foundation. By working hard together we can assist families with the emotional and financial support they may need. If we can save one family from the heartbreak of suicide we are doing our job.

Frank Hager

I joined the Bo Tkach Foundation to make a difference. I want students to know that it’s possible to feel better and be an active, successful participant at life. Mental illness doesn’t discriminate, mental illness is very real, but help, healing/coping are possible. The Bo Tkach Foundation assists in finding the help a student needs. When dealing with mental illness, help is essential.

Kerri Jahelka

Dedicated Fitness

Bo is family and more importantly, he was my friend. He was kind and loving and had a beautiful soul. He always took time to reach out and help those that were less fortunate. His foundation does the same thing. They do such great work helping hundreds of people find help and hopefully a better life. It is an honor and a privilege to be on the Board of Directors.

 Being a member of the Bo Tkach Foundation allows me to feel helpful rather than helpless.

George Ebbert

Bo was a friend of mine.  We had a common connection in coaching young athletes.  After learning about Bo’s suicide I reached out to Bo’s Dad to find out what I could do to help the Family during this very difficult time.  Jim Tkach was one of my elementary school teachers, high school principals and high school sport coaches.  A short while after Bo’s passing, Jim told me about Foundation and asked me if I would be interested in being a member of the Board of Directors.  I responded instantly “yes, just let me know what I can do to help”.  This is exactly what Bo would have said.  He was always looking to help others before himself.  It is my honor to help the Family and the Foundation raise funds that go to individuals who couldn’t otherwise afford medical treatment and in general help raise the level of awareness about mental health issues and disorders.  I look at being part of the Foundation as my way of saying “thanks” to Bo for what I learned from him on and off the field.

Fred Lesher

F. J. Lesher - General Contractor

Growing to know the Tkach family personally and professional for many years has be a great pleasure.Since my family has experienced some of the effects of OCD and Depression I was honored when I was asked to be part of this Foundation.  Bo was a good friend of my daughters and of our family.   My wife and daughters are teachers and I have coached young people for many years.  We have helped young people our whole life.  This is another opportunity to help young people with this awful disease.

Ron Kuntz

Northern Lehigh Team Sales

The date December 25, 1981 will be one that stands out in my mind forever.

Bo Tkach and my son Jarrad were born minutes apart in the same delivery room at Lehigh Valley Hospital. Needless to say, a special bond and friendship were formed that day and live on forever.

When the Bo Tkach Foundation was formed and I was asked to be a board member, there was no better way to keep the bond and friendship with the Tkach family alive and be a part of helping young men and women suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and those who might be considering taking their own lives. Knowing the Tkach family for at least 40 years, I am glad to be part of this organization.

Edward Hedes